Dr. D P Ramesha

Dr D.P. Ramesh has lot of interest in the world’s ancient medicine science Ayurveda. He had joined Ayurveda College in 1992. In ayurvedic medicine he noticed the vital role of milk in many medicines. After listening to the lectures of Professor Dr Ahalya on Practical Ayurveda, got more involved in knowing more about Ayurveda. Then during his intense research found about Panchagavya’s (Milk, curd, ghee, cow urine and cow dung) importance. From then got more interested in Panchagavya a branch of Ayurveda and continued research on indigenous and foreign genes cows.

Work Experience

  •  Worked with Jnana Ganaga GoMutra Distribution Center 3 years.
  • Later worked with Dr Jain’s Cow urine therapy health clinic 3 years
  • Has handled around 1000 types of diseases.
  • 16 year boy was suffering from cancer and hospital told he can live only for 15 days. But by Panchagavya treatment he recovered in 6 months and now he is leading a normal life.
  • He treated patients from more than 40 countries like America, France and Italy
  • Has handled more than 800 cancer patients
  • Has treated, more than 150 kidney disorders, more than 400 skin diseases, 1000+ asthma patients, 2000+ stomach related problems and 15 HIV patients.


Involved in the research of Panchagavya based daily products such as bath soap, shampoo, face powder, face cream, etc., Bath soap is already in the market

Intellectual Publications

  • 2005: Published book called “Gauveda” in Kannada
  • Was editor for English magazine called “Ayush Health Info”
  • Was chief editor for “Ayurvardhaka Goveda” Kannada monthly magazine
  • Has published articles in leading newspaper like Kannadaprabha, Prajavani, Sanyuktha Karnataka, Hosadiganta, Vaidyaloka to name a few.
  • On Cow urine therapy has given many TV programs on TV9, Suvarna, Udaya TV, Kasturi and local cable TV channels

Social Activities

  • 1994: Participated in Cycle Yatra from Bangalore to Mysore towards Ayurveda awareness conducted by Government Ayurveda Students Association. This cycle yatra covered free camps and free ayurvedic medicine distribution in and around 20 villages
  • 1996: Was elected unanimously as President of Student Association
  • During Orissa Cyclone, participated in 15 days camp along with team of 10 doctors
  • During Tsunami served for 10 days for medical relief camp
  • Has conducted 600+ free camps, has given TV interviews, published articles in main newspapers of Karnataka
  • Planted 3000+ medicinal plants and also conducted awareness programs on health care
  • Has conducted free camps and consulted more than 1000 patients in and around 25 districts of Karnataka including Banglaore, Hubli and Shimoga.