Cancer Care

Cancer is a disease which involves the abnormal growth of cells inside our body. These cells grow irregularly and out of control. Which sometimes also leads to the death of a living being.

The cells in pour body are programmed, when this program is lost cancer cells begin to form. They grow and divide which leads to a mass abnormality of the cells and grow out of control. There are more than 100 types of cancer which can affect to any part of a human body. Few of them to mention are breast cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, and lymphoma. Symptoms vary depending on the type. Cancer treatment may include chemotherapy, radiation, and sometimes even surgery.

Causes: One of the main cause of cancer is tobacco. About 22% of death are caused due to this. Another 10% is due to obesity, a poor diet, lack of physical activity, and consumption of alcohol. Other factors include certain infections, exposure to ionizing radiation, and environmental pollutants. Even genetic defects also causes cancer.

Symptoms: Some common symptoms are a new lump, abnormal bleeding, a prolonged cough, unexplained weight loss, and a change in bowel movements among others. Most of these symptoms indicate cancer, but they may also occur due to other issues. Cancer can be detected by certain signs and symptoms or screening tests and confirmed by biopsy.

Many types of cancers can be prevented by not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, not drinking too much alcohol, eating plenty of vegetables, fruits and whole grains, not eating too much processed and red meat, and avoiding too much exposure to sunlight.

Our Services: We provide cancer care services depending on the type and stage of the disease. For more information call us / email us. Click here for online consulting

Success Stories:

  • 16 year boy was suffering from cancer and hospital told he can live only for 15 days. But by panchagavya treatment he recovered in 6 months and now he is leading a normal life.
  • Treated patients from more than 40 countries like America, france, italy etc
  • Handled more than 800 cancer patients
  • Consulted and treated, more than 150 kidney disorders, more than 400 skin diseases, 1000+ asthama patients, 2000+ stomach related problems and 15 HIV patients.
  • Has been part of 600+ free camps, has given TV interviews, published articles in main newspapers of Karnataka
  • Planted 3000+ medicinal plants and also conducted awareness programs on health care